Natural Cosmetics Florals’ Way



100% active ingredients, many rare and unique, exclusively from plants, no water, fillers, chemicals or preservatives. Skincare like this is rather difficult to come across.  Only pure ingredients from plants, organic whenever possible, always of the best quality.


Florals’ proprietary formulas are seriously effective in a true natural way. The sophisticated selection of botanical actives brings the synergy of science and nature to a rare and powerful range of skincare. Concentrated formulas fully packed with highly effective ingredients, to be used parsimoniously, by the drop.  Think of the Royal Jelly: a tiny amount goes a long way.


The Purest Botanicals & the Queen Bee philosophy. Exclusively fresh first class ingredients from plants for every (small) batch. Running a bee farm, we adopted the Queen Bee Philosophy, where she can become Queen thanks to the special ingredients she is fed. We will never forget this. As we will never forget that a tiny amount of chemicals can damage and destroy a colony. The organism absorbs 50% of what we put on the skin. No cheap or nasty ingredients, ever.


FLORALS of LONDON philosophy is simple, to make the best possible entirely botanical skincare while pursuing a policy of continual development to deliver cutting edge skin restoring and preserving cosmetics. For every batch nothing but the purest botanical ingredients are painstakingly researched and sourced from green, sustainable crops and environment friendly suppliers. We are unforgivingly selective in sourcing every ingredient, organic whenever possible, always only the very best available. From the Swiss Alps Stem Cells to the rare Camellia oil from Japan, to the outstanding and exclusive Collagen Extensin Peptide – extracted from plant rather then produced in a lab – and our unique Propoline, whose many attributes include anti-ageing, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and to heal many herpes and skin rashes quickly and without leaving marks.


FLORALS cosmetic range belongs to the rarest and most effective class of skincare in the world, the ‘‘active super-serums’, where the percentage of active ingredients is above 90. FLORALS skincare entire range scores between 99.5 and 100%. We do not test our skincare on animals and work with like minded suppliers. We do not subscribe to any organic association as we adhere to our own standards, which currently are stricter than those made available.


We believe that our products are more healthy and effective than most natural and non-natural cosmetics at performing their task and delivering real, safe and long lasting results. Advanced phyto-science unique formulas as Florals’ cannot be found anywhere at any price. We promise to bring you unique, safe and effective botanical skincare, where the price tag is for the the best formulas, freshest and purest ingredients rather than for an expensive packaging or hefty marketing.